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CISCO Two-port Analog Modem

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CISCO Two-port Analog Modem (WIC-2AM-V2)

CISCO Two-port Analog Modem

SKI-ID: 50071019-00003041
UNSPSC: 43222501
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Cisco Integrated V.92 Modem WAN Interface Cards.

WIC-1AM-V2 and WIC-2AM-V2

One- and two-port analog modem WAN interface cards (WICs; part numbers WIC-1AM-V2 and WIC-2AM-V2) are now available for the award-winning Cisco® 1800, 2600XM, 2691, 2800, 3700, and 3800 Series modular router platforms. The new version of these cards expands the already extensive range of WICs currently available for these routers. The interface cards provide cost-effective basic telephone service connectivity to allow remote router management, asynchronous dial-on-demand routing (DDR) and dial backup, dial- and fax-out modem access, and low-density remote-access-server (RAS) services. Combined with the differentiated services delivered through Cisco IOS® Software, the Cisco 1800, 2600XM, 2691, 2800, 3700, and 3800 Series routers offer customers
best-of-breed scalability, flexibility, and investment protection-all in cost-effective, multifunctional platforms.

Both cards feature dual RJ-11 connectors, which are used for basic telephone service connection. The 2-port card uses one port for connection to a standard telephone line and the other port for connection to a basic analog telephone for use when the modem is idle.


Equipped with the new integrated analog modem WICs, the Cisco 1800, 2600XM, 2691, 2800, 3700, and 3800 offer the most flexible, scalable, and manageable telephone dial access solution available on the market today.

  • Internal analog modem dialup capability-Internal modems allow simple setup of a remote router. There is no separate external power and no cables, and everything is in one chassis.
  • Support for speeds up to 56K (V.92 specification)-When dialing out to a digital endpoint, this feature allows users to achieve maximum data transfer rates, equating to faster file transfers, speedier Web access, and faster e-mail downloads.
  • Cisco IOS Dial Access Software-Cisco IOS Software provides a broad range of features for remote router management and dial backup, including:
    • Reverse Telnet support for LAN-based dial- and fax-out
    • Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Multilink PPP (MLPPP), and Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)
    • TACACS+, RADIUS, and PPP password security
    • Autosensing Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX), Transmission Control Protocol/IP (TCP/IP), AppleTalk Remote Access (ARA), and AppleTalk Control Protocol (ATCP)




Hardware and platform compatibility

Cisco 1800, 2600XM, 2691, 2800, 3700, and 3800 models

Dimensions (H x W x D)

75 x 3.08 x 4.38 in. (1.91 x 6.93 x 9.86 cm)


2.4 oz (68 gram)

Network module support

• Cisco 2600XM: Through NM-2W
• Cisco 2691: Through mixed modules (NM-2W, NM-1FE2W-V2, and NM-2FE2W-V2)
• Cisco 3700: Through combo modules (NM-2W, NM-1FE2W-V2, and NM-2FE2W-V2)
• Cisco 3800: Through combo modules (NM-2W, NM-1FE2W-V2, and NM-2FE2W-V2)


Up to 56 kbps downstream and up to 33.6 kbps upstream, subject to line conditions


Two RJ-11 ports (second port on WIC [WIC-1AM] can be used to connect an analog telephone for use when the modem is idle)


One or two RJ-11 connectors

LEDs (per modem)

SP (high-speed connectivity for V.92, V90, or K56Flex), CN (carrier detect), and OH (off-hook) status indicators

Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) compliance

Level 3, Types II and IV

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