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CISCO Two-port Voice Interface Card - FXO (Universal) Retail

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CISCO Two-port Voice Interface Card - FXO (Universal) Retail (VIC2-2FXO)

CISCO Two-port Voice Interface Card - FXO (Universal) Retail

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Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO Modular Access Platform

The Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO is a robust NEBS Level 3/ETSI compliant networking platform, specifically designed to optimize the network management operations of service provider networks; also known as Data Communication Networks.

As part of the scalable Cisco Data Communication Network (DCN) solution, which includes the Cisco Catalyst® 1924-DC switch, Catalyst 2924M-XL switch, Catalyst 4003-DC switch, Cisco 3640, Cisco 3631-CO, Cisco 2600 Series multiservice access platform, and the Telco DCN feature set of Cisco IOS® software, the Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO supports central office SONET/SDH operations management interfaces, as well as async and X.25 interfaces on the same platform. The DCN provides connectivity for Network Elements (NEs) in Service Provider, Inter-Exchange Carrier (IXCs), and Post, Telephone and Telegraph (PTT) networks for alarm monitoring, remote provisioning, and software downloads. Other operations systems network applications include local number portability and billing data collection. In addition, competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) can use the Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO in their numerous points of presence (POPs) or central office (CO) co-locations for digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs), voice switches, and transmission operations networking.

Key Features and Benefits

Optimized for Service Provider Networks

  • Significantly reduces complexity by consolidating DCNs into a cost-effective network solution
  • Provides a graceful migration path from proprietary based to standards based network elements
  • Reduces lifecycle costs of DCN operations
  • Remote monitoring and control of network elements

Customized Operating Software

Cisco IOS software is a key differentiator in the Cisco DCN solution. Not only is it deployed in most IP networks around the world, but it is now packaged for service provider specific DCN applications. The Cisco IOS Telco images support the following network management requirements:

  • Full IP/open system interconnections (OSI) routing services including OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP, RIP, multiprotocol BGP, multi-area integrated ISIS and DNS
  • TL1 support including transport via IP, X.25, TCP, or OSI. TARP (TID Address Resolution Protocol) support and TARP Storm Avoidance support
  • PPP services and WAN interface support for ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, and X.25
  • X.25 support services including X.25 switching, X.3 asynchronous PAD, DNS for X.25 address resolution, hunt groups, and SVC/PVC conversion
  • IP to X.25 protocol translation
  • BX.25 transport over X.25 or TCP (XOT)
  • Multi area OSI support, 12 OSI areas per chassis, essentially providing the same capabilities as 12 separate OSI routers

Feature Richness

The Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO is not limited to providing support for just the DCN features listed above. It supports a large variety of other capabilities as well, including voice over IP or frame relay, dial support for analog and digital modems, DSL aggregation, and virtual private networking to name a few.

Platform Manageability

  • Support for CiscoWorks, CiscoWorks2000, and CiscoView allows simplified management of all integrated and stackable components.
  • CLEI codes enable easy identification and tracking of CO equipment.
  • An enhanced setup feature provides context-sensitive questions that guide the user through the router configuration process, allowing faster deployment.
  • AutoInstall configures remote routers automatically across a WAN connection to save the cost of sending technical staff to remote sites.
  • Support for the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), which enables a CiscoWorks network management station to automatically discover the Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO in a network topology.


  • A modular architecture offers a huge selection of LAN and WAN interfaces and provides easy customization for individual needs and the flexibility for network modules to be added on a "pay-as-you-grow" basis.
  • The 3662-AC/DC-CO and 3662-AC-CO are a key component of the Cisco 3600 series which include chassis options for both the service provider and enterprise market. Table 1below highlights the differences between the two types of chassis.


As New World computing capabilities change the landscape of the CO operations network, support for a variety of network interfaces and greater requirements for bandwidth are straining current DCN capabilities. The Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO system rounds out the Cisco DCN solution by enabling Telco Service Providers to consolidate both legacy as well as standards-based network management traffic over a single infrastructure for connectivity to their operational support systems. The Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO enables a service provider to deploy an ultra-reliable, scalable, and versatile platform, which allows graceful migration from current proprietary-based to New World, standards-based infrastructure in an extremely cost-effective manner.

Adding the capabilities of Cisco IOS software, which runs most of the Internet traffic around the world today, Cisco not only provides a full-featured DCN solution, but also enables a variety of additional features on the Cisco 3662-AC/DC-CO. Features such as virtual private networks (VPNs) and voice can enhance a Telco operations network. These capabilities make the Cisco DCN solution the industry's best, with greater robustness and feature richness than any other solution available in the marketplace.

Cisco 3660 System Specifications

Feature Specifications
Processor Type

225-MHz RISC QED RM5271

Flash Memory

16 MB, upgradable to 64MB

System Memory

64MB SDRAM, upgradable to 128, or 256 MB SDRAM

Network Module Slots

Six slots

Advanced Integration Module Slots

Two slots

Onboard LAN Ports

Two autosensing 10/100 Mbps ports


250W power supplies with dual DC, dual AC, or single DC/single AC configuration

Dimensions (HxWxD)

8.7 x 17.5 x 11.8 in. (221 x 445 x 300 mm)


100 to 120-Kpps fast switching and 10 to 12 Kpps process switching

Console and Auxiliary Ports (up to 115.2 kbps)



Yes, 19 in. and 23 in. widths, center mount

Dual Type II PCMCIA Card Slots


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